What will influence oil prices during 2015? (April 27, 2015)

Oil prices: What are the contributing factors and where do we go from here? If you would have told investors a year ago that oil prices would fall below $50 a barrel in 2015 they would have laughed at that seemingly impossible prediction. After all, in July of 2014 oil was still trading above $100, […]

Gold price outlook for 2015 (April 23, 2015)

Gold Outlook – What will drive the price of gold over the coming 12 months? Traditionally at least, gold has the reputation of being a reliable safe haven for investors. When turbulence reigns and ‘safe’ stocks, gilts and currencies start to wobble, investors head for their bunkers; they become more willing to sacrifice yield in […]

Next Economic Event feature at uBinary (April 19, 2015)

uBinary are a leading binary options trading broker, providing secure trading for investors. They aim to cater for beginners through to experienced traders. One of the firm’s core principals is to develop new tools that assist their customers. With this in mind, uBinary recently overhauled their website and as part of the redesign, included some […]

Election 2015 – How will the markets react? (March 31, 2015)

Election Market impact Uncertainty leads to volatility. With this in mind, logic might suggest that traders could be set for interesting times as May’s general election looms closer. With the polls suggesting that the two main parties are neck and neck, and with Scottish Nationalists and UKIP looking to upset the apple cart, a minority […]

Website redesign for leading broker (March 24, 2015)

Ubinary have undergone a major redesign. Their website has been overhauled and the changes have been well received by traders so far, both new and existing. The company is beginning to focus their efforts on UK traders and this redesign is all part of that push. Website improvements Simple clean website – The website has been […]

UK Economic influences for Q2 and Q3 2015 (March 13, 2015)

With the annual Financial Times economists survey forecasting that the UK economy would continue to grow in 2015. The prospects for the UK economy was greatly improved by the drop in oil prices to less than $60 per barrel, according to Tony Dolphin from the Institute for Public Policy Research, who has previously stated concerns […]

Key Indicators For Traders (January 10, 2015)

The value of a market changes constantly, changing in response to fundamental factors such as economic growth and interest rates as well as market demand and world events. Here we pinpoint some of the key signals that highlight those market changes. For example, in the forex market, interest rates, economic data and political news all […]

Digital Options Outlook (January 6, 2015)

Trading Digital options in the year to come Now is a good time to reflect on some of the current affairs that might provide binary options trading opportunities over the coming months. The global economy is constantly evolving. Binary brokers are now providing more of these global assets to trade than ever before, from commodities to […]

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